When reach and repetition are a must, :05, :15 and :30 commercials can be the way to go. Like longer form commercial spots, :05, :15 and :30 spots can also be incorporated into your overall media campaign that may include a longer form commercial or branding video, and even an infomercial. At Image Video Solutions, we’ve created successful short form national, regional and local commercial campaigns for companies located all across the country, including New York, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana, just to name a few.  If you’re looking for a talking animal or character to be the spokesperson for your company, we can find or create the mascot or character, animate it, and turn it into an integral and memorable part of your company’s overall brand.

At Image Video Solutions, we can work with you or your media buyer to make sure your media placement gets you the best bang for your buck, or we can place your media for you.

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