One of our specialties at Image Video Solutions is creating compelling corporate videos for your company or product. We’ve created corporate videos, safety training videos, instructional videos, and internal training videos for a number of different businesses in all kinds of industries. We love doing these types of projects, because it usually means we have time to really get to know you, your team, your products, and what makes your company so unique. Some of our clients have decided to go a more “cinematic” route with their videos to create a powerful message behind safety on the job site, while other have opted for the more traditional type of corporate video. That’s why the pre-production process is so important, where we sit down with you and really listen to what you want to accomplish from the video we create for you. At the heart of what we do is storytelling through the power of video, and we know that video is without a doubt the best way to effectively communicate your message to your clients, customers, and even your own trusted employees.

So what does it take to create a really powerful corporate video? First and foremost, in some industries you’ve got to have the right PPE and safety training to even step on what will become our “set” for days, weeks, or sometimes months. Our team has the experience and expertise to safely shoot in any type of challenging environment.

Where have we gone? We’ve shot footage on numerous heavy construction job sites, set sail on cargo boats large and small, captured footage from every corner of a massive coffee manufacturing plant, followed a fast-growing architectural firm for close to a year to document their progress on a project from start to finish using multiple RED cameras, GoPros, and Drones, told the story of WBEC South and some of their women-owned businesses over a several month period, captured the powerful story of Netchex as they transitioned their team into their new home on the North Shore, and the list goes on.

From the initial creative meeting until we deliver the final, approved cut of your corporate video, we work with you side by side to ensure every step of the process is seamless. We handle every aspect of your video, from that ever important script, to helping set up testimonials, prepping employees or customers for interviews, offering talent training for CEOs or executives who may serve in a spokesperson type role, and of course shooting your project using the best camera, lighting and sound equipment, and providing you with the best of the best when it comes to the editing and post-production process.

At Image Video Solutions, we understand the unique challenges of creating corporate videos, especially for businesses in certain industries. You can rest assured that our experience and ability to effectively communicate with our clients throughout the process will ensure that your video is delivered on time, on budget, and will exceed any expectations you had during that first creative meeting we all had together.

Thank you for considering Image Video Solutions for your next corporate video project. We look forward to creating a video that will elevate your company to new heights!

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