Motion Graphics & Visual effects

Welcome to IVS, your ultimate Post-Production Powerhouse! We’re equipped with the latest motion graphics, animation, and AI software, and a team of incredibly talented editors and VFX artists. Inside our five, custom-built Puget edit suites is where the magic really happens. Our 150 TB state-of-the-art Promax platform workspace and server means we can transcode, edit, and render graphics and animations for our clients with lightning-fast efficiency.  You also have peace of mind knowing your media is always safely stored with multiple on and offsite backups.

And speaking of cutting-edge technology, we couldn’t be prouder to be beta testers for some game-changing AI software. Our team has been creating some jaw-dropping effects with this new software and it has even been featured in a few of our recent commercials.

At IVS, it’s not just about the technology, it’s about the people behind it. Our team of experienced editors and VFX artists are masters of their craft, able to bring any vision to life. From elegant motion graphics to mind-blowing 3D modeling and animation, we’ve got you covered. We leverage a wide array of industry-leading software, such as Adobe’s Full Suite, Davinci Resolve, Cinema 4D, Blender, Mocha, Substance, along with numerous Animation and 3D plugins. This diverse toolkit ensures our workflow is both extensive and adaptable, allowing us to tackle any project with precision and creativity. Talking animals, futuristic worlds, and mind-bending illusions – nothing is off limits for our VFX team. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good talking animal?

Finally, crafting your graphics and animation package is only one aspect of the post-production journey. To truly elevate your video, it requires meticulous polishing, sweetening, and adding those final touches. Our Color Correction Pipeline is equipped to enhance your visuals in myriad ways, whether it’s softening skin using our digital makeup software or seamlessly replacing cloudy skies with a vibrant, sunlit backdrop.

So when it comes to post, IVS is a creative force that will take your project to the next level!

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