It’s no secret that when most companies choose to advertise on television, they go the more traditional route of the :15 or :30 commercial spot. But the long form commercial can be an extremely effective way to engage potential new customers, set you apart from your competitors who are probably only doing short form spots, and provide you with some great content for use on social media and your website. With more and more consumers getting their information from video that they access from online sources like YouTube and Facebook that don’t have the stringent time constraints of television advertising, there’s never been a better time to consider adding “a little length” to your next ad campaign.

The obvious advantage of the long form commercial is you can ad more overall content, and you’ve got more time to tell more of your company’s story. If you’re a believer like we are at Image Video Solutions that customer testimonials can be a very powerful way to market your business, the long form commercial gives you the chance to incorporate more customer testimonials. There’s nothing better than word of mouth to spread the word about your business, and in the world of television that’s ultimately done by having one of your customers talk about why your product or service is a must. You can also hear more content from the testimonials, since there is not such a strict time limit that may limit them to 3-5 second sound bites.

Another great way to utilize a longer format commercial is with an “In the News” advertorial style of commercial. The company CEO or spokesperson is interviewed by a news personality on an actual news set, adding credibility to your brand and providing the viewer with a lot of great, factual information. While graphics and video can also be included in these segments, what’s really compelling about these “television advertorials” is that they give the viewer a chance to really understand what you do, why you do it, and how your product or service can ultimately help them in their daily lives.

And what about the ultimate long form commercial—The infomercial. When done the right way, there is no better addition to a company’s overall media campaign than the 30-minute infomercial. And many of the multi-billion dollar companies you see flooding the infomercial airwaves during the late night and early morning hours are also opting to cut down the infomercials and create :60, :90 and even 3 minute commercials that utilize the same talent, testimonials, and video, which also means you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck. And speaking of your advertising bucks, if you think doing :60 and :90 commercials is simply too cost prohibitive, think again. There are ways to place longer form commercial spots that can work within most budgets, and in many cases stations will work with companies to get affordable rates on these more non-traditional types of media placement.

So if your company is interested in taking your media campaign to the next level, contact our team at Image Video Solutions. Whether you’re a large corporation or a local mom and pop, Image Video Solutions can help you develop an innovative, affordable, and memorable multi-media campaign that help your business get the attention it deserves!