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Image Video Solutions is a full service creative agency and video production company under one roof.  While our main production offices are located in New Orleans, our work knows no geographical boundaries. From pre-production to post, our award-winning team of producers, scriptwriters, cinematographers, animators, editors and graphic designers take a team approach to every one of our projects, ensuring your company always gets the best possible ROI.  At Image Video Solutions we’ve invested in the best, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, but more importantly, we’ve invested in the best people.  When you hire Image Video Solutions, you never have to worry about us subbing out your project to someone else. When you call us, you get us. You’re getting our team, in-house, under one roof.  Image Video Solutions is your one stop shop, A-Z creative agency and video production company guaranteed to always exceed your expectations.  We’re ready to add your company to our growing list of success stories, so call, text or email us today, or feel free to stop by our production offices at 131 Harrison Avenue, Suite B, in New Orleans.  Everyone has a story- Let us tell yours at Image Video Solutions.



Whether you’ve got a new company, product or service that needs a new brand, logo and tagline, or an existing company in need of a new image, we have the experience and a proven track record of success when it comes to helping companies craft the right brand and message to ensure they stand out from their competition.



“How in the world did you all come up with that idea?” It’s a question we get asked quite a bit at Image Video Solutions!  The answer is we have some of the best creative minds in the business who love to collaborate -and our creative meetings are known to often go late into the night- to craft the best concepts, ideas and content for your commercial, infomercial, web video, or corporate video.  Our goal is to inform, entertain, and motivate the viewer to want to buy your product or utilize your services, and ultimately get you the ROI you deserve.  At Image Video Solutions, we believe what’s made us stand out from our competitors from day one has been our dedication and commitment to our craft, and adopting a philosophy that we will never settle for good or even great when it comes to our work.  We settle for nothing less than the absolute best, and we don’t stop polishing and perfecting your project until we meet and far exceed all of your expectations.



A great idea and concept can only take you so far. We make sure every aspect of production is meticulously planned, including production scheduling, casting, celebrity and talent acquisition, location scouting, permitting, talent releases and contracts, research and strategic planning, budgeting, and insurance and safety compliance issues. Every aspect of the pre-production process is meticulously planned out to ensure your project is safely and successfully executed on time and on budget.


Once it’s time for cameras to start rolling, we’ve got the best production crew in the business to capture the most stunning and spectacular footage to tell your story. Whether your project needs an on-location single camera “run and gun” style shoot, or a DRTV campaign requiring multiple 4K cameras, jib, and aerial footage, there’s no project too big or too small for our team.

If your talent or celebrity host needs a prompter, we’ve got you covered with our new 17-inch teleprompter.  Whether it takes prime lenses, zoom lenses or extreme wide angle lenses to capture the tone and feel we’re looking to achieve, we have the knowledge, expertise, and access to any type of lens needed to get the job done right.

Green screen or chroma key technology allows us to create stunning, cinematic types of special effects and backgrounds, and our top-of-the-line large portable indoor and outdoor green screen can be transported to any location in the world. If we need to film 150 people at one time on a giant infinity wall (yes, we’ve successfully done this!) we can easily accommodate your needs.  Other production services offered include time-lapse photography, aerial photography with our 4K drone and FAA certified licensed in-house drone operator, and still photography services to capture the perfect shots of your product and people.  For shoots where dollies, tracks, sliders, gimbals and stabilizers are needed to capture the shot, we’ve got you covered with the best tools in the trade.  And with a sound package that includes wireless lavalier mics, boom mics, portable ZOOM recording system to allow for versatile recording techniques, and much more, we’ve got all of the necessary equipment and accessories to make sure your project sounds as great as it looks.  

Does your project require a powerful 5K HMI lighting package, or a smaller Tungsten, Fluorescent, or LED lighting kit? Image Video Solutions can determine what’s best for your project, and provide you with the best equipment to accommodate any type of budget.  Our grip packages include everything from silks, flags, c-stands, and sandbags, and we’ve got every type of on-set communication tool, from Bullhorns to walkie-talkies and headsets.  Our in-house Art Director has over 3 decades of experience in the film and television industry, and can handle any size project, whether it requires building multiple sets, or designing custom props and artwork to achieve a specific look for your project. And we always have a “Safety First” philosophy at Image Video Solutions- Not only are we fully insured, including liability, workers’ comp, and E&O, but you can be assured that our crew will always follow all necessary safety rules on set and on location, and show up outfitted with all necessary safety gear.


Image Video Solutions has 5 in-house non-linear editing stations with the latest programs, plug-ins, and 3D modeling and animation software. We recently invested in one of the fastest, most powerful workflow platforms and servers in the industry, capable of ingesting, transcoding, rendering and archiving simultaneously, with over 64 TB of storage performance for 4k footage and beyond.  For our clients, this new technology means an increase in quality, speed and the ability to provide more cost-effective deliverables.  

Some of the programs we utilize include: Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Includes Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition), Final Cut 7, Cinema 4D (R19), Blender, Element 3D, ZBrush, Mocha, & MakeHuman.



From pre-roll digital ads and national, regional, and local broadcast commercial campaigns, to training and explainer videos for internal usage, our team will ensure that your project is delivered on time, on budget and in the right format to ensure optimal viewing on any type of platform.  Whether you need us to personally upload your commercial to a station’s FTP site, deliver your campaign to you directly with multiple station encodes via Dropbox, or have your infomercial close captioned, at Image Video Solutions the flawless delivery of your project that meets any type of deadline is what we do best.

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