These days, video on your website is a must have to help you stand out from the competition, improve your organic search rankings, and keep your audience on your website, instead of clicking to another site.  Whether it’s a “Who We Are” type of video for your home page, or short separate videos describing your various products and services, the written word alone just can’t compete with the power of video in this day and age.  

Still not sold on the need for video on your website? Think about this. What’s more likely to keep your interest if you’re visiting the website of a company you are thinking about doing business with, a website with a lot of text and maybe a few pictures, or a powerful, compelling video that actually shows you the people and services the company provides. The site with the great video will probably win you over. And think about this, aren’t you more likely to think that the company with the great video has it together a bit more than the company with the less visually stimulating website?

We offer a wide range of web video pricing packages tailored to meet each client’s individual needs and budget. Start with just the 1-3 minute business overview “Getting to know you” video that appears on the home page, or jump right in and get the whole nine yards with web videos that also highlight your various services and products. Call us or email us and we’ll come up with something that works within your budget and gets you the ROI you’re looking for!

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